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Devi Farms - 2015

Project Features

A 10 Acres plot with a capex of 300 thousand USD
- 1 Acre of Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse
- Half Acre of retractable shadenet nethouse with rain canopy
- 2.5 million ltrs of Rain water pond
- Automated irrigation system (low cost design)
- 3 Acres of Coconut Palms
- 5 Acres of Banana plantation
- 2 Acres of Mango & other fruit orchard
- 1400 sft Farm house
- 25 KVA Diesel Generator for backup
- 2 KVA Solar UPS for digital and lighting load



Devi Farms located in Chamarajanagar is a 10 Acres agriculture land with 2 units of Greenhouses and remaining open field soil based farming growing vegetables, fruits and other crops for the local market. The first retractable nethouse system with rain canopy was designed here along with automated irrigation system in the year 2015

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