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Lemon Chillii Farms - 2020

Project Features

Approximately 5 million USD project cost
- Built on 32 Acres Land
- 15 Acres of Cravo X Frame Retractable Roof System
- 17,500 sft Integrated Support Building that has a packhouse, cold room, cafeteria, fertigation room, office block and other supporting blocks
- 10 million Ltrs Rain Water Pond
- 4 Acres of 2 layer SWR based Nethouse (Agriplast)
- 5 Acres of Open Field Farming
- 2000 sft of Accomodation & Toilets
- Asphalted Roadways
- Netafim Automated Irrigation system with large Zinc Tanks for stock solutions
- Large Hume pipes for diverting storm water
- 125 KVA / 65 KVA / 35 KVA Diesel Generator Backup
- 5 KVA Solar UPS for digital & lighting load
- Link 4 based weather station
- Several IOT based sensors like Moisture / EC / pH / Temp / Humidity sensors
- Follow the line automatic loaders (Prototype)
- Inhouse designed ladder rollers, trolleys, winch based loaders, etc.,

Perhaps Asia's largest single house Cravo X-Frame Retractable Roof System for a hydroponic farm was setup near Hyderabad to cater to the nascent market of Hyderabad and surroundings. It is one of the state of the art project with plenty of automation conceptualized right from the beginning and built with an acute eye for detail.

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