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Bhoomi Farms - 2023

Bhoomi Farms Promotional Video

Project Features

Approximately 2 million USD Capex Cost
- 2 Acres of Indigenously designed Retractable Roof System (Prototype)
- 5 Acres of Naturally Ventilated GH in Hosur Unit(Agriplast & BRK)
- 5 Acres of Naturally Ventilated GH in Ooty Unit (Agriplast)
- 25 Acres of Open field farming
- Automated Irrigation System (Netafim + MicroAgri)
- 6000 sft R&D Building with Lab
- 5000 sft Accommodation & Toilets
- 125 KVA / 35 KVA Diesel Generator Backup
- 5 KVA Solar UPS for Digital & Lighting Loads

Bhoomi Agtech India Pvt Ltd, is a Organic Farm located close to Bangalore, Bhoomi grows over 120 SKUs of vegetables and fruits and sells through their D2C ecommerce website As a startup (2021), brought in a 5 million USD seed funding to build state of the art infrastructure, including Greenhouses, a R&D center and open farms near Hosur, TN and in Ooty, TN. Bhoomi operates its own warehouse located in Bangalore and a fleet of vehicles for door to door delivery.

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