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Year 1993 to 2012

What I did in the 90s

Various Projects I was involved in

Year 1993 to 97
- Developing lithographic photographic plates with resolution of 1 micron for ISRO (INSAT series of satellites) for prototyping hybrid micro circuits
- Designing multilayer PCBs for the defense and commercial industries and rapid prototyping

Year 1997 - 2000
- Debugging Y2K on software applications for the industry
- Managing a software training center
- Conducted an international scale event in Bangalore on ICT

Year 2000 - 2012
- Developed a route optimization software for vehicle routing for a client
- Implementing de-centralized data center architecture for a software company
- Managed 100,000 sft infrastructure from facility management perspective
- Managed Security Management Center for an international reputed Bank

My career started in 1993 after passing out of an engineering degree from University of Mysore and a PG diploma in Computer Applications.

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